MALINA —whole-genome metagenomic reads analysis

Huge volume of whole-genome metagenomic samples in repositories keeps growing at increasing pace. In community of researchers, there is a need for robust data analysis tools that allow efficient description of composition, classification and clustering coupled with comprehensive visualization of results Particularly, human gut microbiome is one of extensively studied topics in metagenomic research.We developed a software pipeline for bioinformatic analysis of metagenomic data obtained from human gut microbiota sequencing currently available as a free web service MALINA.

The pipeline was used in the workflow of Russian Metagenome Project . It included analysis of 132 human gut metagenomic samples from various groups of Russian population, including healthy citizen of large cities, country-side and isolated communities, and patients with diseases of heart and intestine. The samples were sequenced in short reads on ABI SOLiD.
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The results were presented at International Human Microbiome Congress (IHMC) 2012, Paris, France, March 18-21.